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virtualminingfarm cloud mining bitcoin

Virtualminingfarm cloud mining review






  • Easy to use
  • Same as Cryptominingfarm
  • Good ROI% after 10 months


  • Only lifetime bitcoin mining contracts
  • Anonymous society


Virtualminingfarm is a lifetime bitcoin virtual cloud mining platform 1:1 Asic without hardware and M/A Fee POW/POS Hybrid Mining since in 2017, perhaps, so it is written on the website. In website’s archive the first date online of Virtualminingfarm website is 4 august 2018. So the farm was started recently, a good news for investors.

Virtualminingfarm Informations

Virtualminingfarm cloud mining features are really simple and essential. It is only possible to do bitcoin mining in lifetime contract. The cost of mining is really low. ROI is 15% in 10 months. For example if you invest 3000$ in bitcoin, you can receive every year around 3700$. The registration on website is very simple and does not require KYC and personal documents, just an email, a password and your bitcoin address. A daily income is paid in bitcoin at dollar value in real time. If bitcoin is low you get much more bitcoin and value in the future will be greater. The trick to earning more is to reinvest half or quarter of the monthly profits, gaining more revenue each month.

How to use Virtualminingfarm

You can use virtualminingfarm in this simple way. For example you can invest $ 3000 at the beginning and withdraw profits every day by holding one day in your wallet and another day reinvesting it. In this way the daily earnings will increase more and more. You can also try investing less, your choice, but the waiting time to withdraw (that is 0.001BTC around 4$) will be more days. This means losing more time and money. Min investment to start earning in this mode is: 27100GHS around 1100$ in Bitcoin. You can get around 4$ of bitcoin in your wallet and next 4$  that is min to reinvest in 100GHS.


PAYING: every day in bitcoin lifetime contract about 15% ROI in first year. Next years 115% per year.


Registered in Panama. Not trusted site with anonymous service and society.

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